General Questions

What is Philio Technology?

Philio Technology is a home automation system that manages different devices and modules through a gateway that can be accessed on Philio’s mobile APP. It enables the user to easily control or configure home devices, and have access to the most innovative functions.

Why do I need home automation?

Home automation can really make your life easier. From security systems to energy saving, with home automation you can protect your home and make it more efficient than ever.  

Is home automation expensive?

It depends on the type of home automation you want. Philio has affordable solutions as well as complex and more costly. Furthermore, in the long term Philio Technology will save you money by saving energy in your home.

Are Philio products hard to install?

No. Philio Smart home automation system is easy to install. Everything can be controlled from a hand-held device, or mobile phone, and there are plenty of guidelines with steps to install and manage in the website.

Will my home automation function during a power shortage?

During a power shortage, in normal conditions, you won’t be able to use electric powered systems. However the gateway/siren will continue to work for a limited time. Rechargeable battery can be added to the gateways. Moreover, any other battery operated devices will still work amidst power shortage.

Can I use automation on my business?

Yes. Home automation can be easily adapted to schools, boutiques, hotels, small businesses, sport bars, restaurants, and much more.

Do I need a Google account to use “Home Mate 2”?

No. You will need the “Home Mate 2” login information that is provided for every Gateway in the instructions page.

What are Scenes?

Scenes is an option in “Home Mate 2” that allows you to group many devices, so they can work together at the same time. For example, if you want to turn on/off all the lights in the living room at the same time.

What are Macros?

Macros is an option in “Home Mate 2” that allows you to set up a device to trigger an action onto another device. For example, if the door is open, you can set up the outside light to turn on after 5 seconds.

What is association?

Association is another option in “Home Mate 2” that allows you to group devices. Not all devices can associate. (For example, better for smart color button and curtain, because they have more values)

Can I use Alexa with Philio products?

Yes. Follow the instructions to connect your Philio products to Alexa.

Can I buy individual modules or do they come in packs?

Yes. Your home should be based according to your needs. You can select modules that are suitable for your home or ask for more information from Philio dealers.

Is there a stationary Control Panel to manage Philio devices?

No. Philio’s gateway can be accessed through mobile devices thus having a stationary control panel at home is not necessary.

How different it philio from other smart home systems?

Philio products are based on z-wave and zigbee protocols that don’t interfere with other wireless protocols. Moreover, this simple designs allow the products to blend into your home easily.

Where can I buy Philio products?

Contact your local sales agency or send an email to

Is there a service fee on the mobile app?

Philio’s APP Home Mate 2 is 100% free.

What is UID?

UID stands for Unique Identification Number. Each gateway has its own UID which allows gateway to securely connect to the app.

Do I need internet to use Philio products?

No. Philio’s home automation uses z-wave protocol, a proprietary, low-power RF signal, to wirelessly send command from gateway to devices. Internet connection is an additional option that allows you to view any events while you are not at home.




How do I find the gateway on my phone?

The P2P program on Philio’s APP will connect the UUID server, it can also provide the IP and MAC of the Gateway to the server. The server now knows the UUID, IP, MAC of the Gateway. Once your APP connects to the same server with the same UUID, the server will find that matching UUID gateway, and forward data between the app and the gateway.

How do I change the ID and password?

The ID is predetermined and cannot be changes. The password can be changed in the Settings page > Other Settings > Change password.  

How do I set-up notifications?

In order to receive notifications you will need to set-up Macros and allow notifications.

How do I add non Philio Z-wave devices?

You will need to select inclusion mode in “Home Mate 2” and follow the inclusion instructions according to the other Z-wave device.

How do I connect my PSC 03 Gateway to the Internet?

You can connect Gateway through ethernet cable to your router, or you can set-up the Wi-Fi mode in the Setting page > Gateway Information > Wi-Fi (STA Mode).

Where are the sensor names saved?

All the settings are saved into the gateway. This means all settings created on one device will also be seen or reflected on the other devices.

The gateway can remember the last 10 events, but why do I see more in the app?

Events are saved in RAM, and the number of events can be set in program. Your program could be listing instant events.